Military Uniform Princess (軍服の姫君 Gunpuku no Himegimi?) is the primary antagonist of Re:Creators and the secondary and last creation of Setsuna Shimazaki before her suicide. Her real name is Altair and she came from an online video called Altair: World Étude (Eternal Wars Megalosphere). She is responsible for bringing the Created into the real world. Her plan is to make the worlds collide by getting the characters she brought into the real world to fight thereby causing the destruction of the rationality of the real world, and to ultimately bring about great destruction and cause everything to return to oblivion.


Altair wears a navy-blue military hat and a Spanish-style double-breasted coat.


Unlike the other Created, who are incognizant about the fact that both themselves, their experiences, and the worlds that they dwell in are considered to be fictional, much less know anything about their Creators, Altair is not nescient about such information. Rather she is completely au fait about her own existence, about the real world, as well as her creator, Setsuna Shimazaki, who Altair had strong love towards. When Setsuna's suicide occurred, Altair shows great hatred towards the real world to the point where she wants to destroy it.


Altair first appears in episode 1 when Sōta Mizushino is brought into Selesia Yupitiria's world where Sōta watches Altair and Selesia fight each other. During the fight, Altair was surprised to see Sōta, and Sōta and Selesia were transported back to the human world. Altair arrives at Sōta's home in the real world , and Sōta and Selesia flee. Altair then fights Selesia, but then had to retreat when Meteora Österreich arrives to help Selesia.


Setsuna Shimazaki - Setsuna was the Military Uniform Princess's Creator. She is loyal to Setsuna. Upon learning that her Creator was abandoned by the world of the gods. the Military Uniform Princess made it her mission to have the world be destroyed as vengeance.

Sota - Altair hates Sota for his part on Setsuna's suicide. Upon first seeing Sota, Altair didn't hesitate to attack him.


  • Magic: The ability to override the world's natural worlds to achieve a specific purpose.
    • Flight
    • Telekinesis: She is able to control multiple swords at once with her mind to attack her enemies.
    • Sword Shield: She is able to form a circular shield around her with her swords.
    • Holopsicon: Described by Altair that it is omnipotent as such it gives her the following abilities:
      • Shown in the anime that it could "delete" Vogelchevalier in existence rather than outright destroyed it.
      • Transporting a fictional character from their respective worlds to the real world or inducing the fictional characters existence in the real world.
      • Ability to travel to other worlds or "inserting" herself to other fictional character's story lines thus fighting with them if they don't like to be transported willingly.
      • It was eventually revealed that Holopsicon's vast array of abilities is the direct result of Altair's having no story of her own since her creator has died hoping that her creation would be loved. As such whenever someone made a fan fiction about her, whatever the abilities associated with that story is added to her powers constantly updating her arsenal, making her almost invincible.
    • Holopsicon's Confirmed Names of Abilities:
      • Third Movement of Cosmos: Representation Exposition
        • Shown in Episode 10 of the anime that it could "revised a story" shown when it changed Selesia's Sword Rebellion into a flower while she duels with Aliceteria. Possibly the same technique Altair employed when she destroyed Vogelchevalier.
      • Twentieth Movement of Cosmos: Factor Mimic
        • Shown in Episode 10 of the anime that it could produced an exact copy of sophisticated weaponry like Gigas Machina. Unknown if it will work on real life weapons at this time.


  • She had fought mostly against fictional characters that are mecha pilots (Selesia Upitiria and Rui Kanoya) barring her brief skirmish with Meteora.
  • Her appearance resemble that of Esdeath from the manga Akame Ga Kill.
  • Her appearance also resembles that of Demon Archer from the game Fate/Grand Order.
  • She was originally based off a character named Shirotsumekusa (シロツメクサ) from a social game called Eternal Wars Megalosphere within Re-Creators universe.
    • Interestingly, Shirotsumekusa is also the title of Aki Toyosaki's 6th single. Toyosaki is Altair's voice actress.


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