Blitz Talker (ブリッツ・トーカー Burittsu Tōkā) is a secondary character from cyberpunk hard-boiled genre manga and anime Code・Babylon. He is a middle-aged ex-detective and bounty hunter/mercenary, and the partner of the main character. He works for the Flashlight Detective Office, which specializes in hunting down demi-humans and synthetic monsters. He talks like he thinks he's a tough guy and likes to appear out of the darkness. He uses bullets made for cyborgs, a Gravity Bomb.


He likes to talk like a tough guy and likes to appear out of the darkness.


Blitz first appears in episode 4 where he is talking with Alicetelia February and Altair about Alicetalia's creator.

Blitz later appears in episode 6 as he helps Mamika and Alicetalia fight against Selesia and Meteora.

The fight continues on and Yuya challenges Blitz to a rematch, but Blitz, Mamika and Alicetalia had to retreat when Rui arrived.

It is revealed in episode 12 by Alicetaria that Blitzs daughter was killed.

Powers and Abilities


Handgun - Blitz wields a handgun he can shoot with at rapid succession.

Gravity Bomb - Blitz has a special type of bullet he can use called a Gravity Bomb which can cause massive damage as well as break shields. This was first shown when Blitz used the bullet against Meteora Österreich to destroy her shield and send her flying back into a boulder.


Gravity Watch - Blitz wears a watch that if the top is turned the watch gives Blitz the ability to fly.



  • Blitz Talker is a serious-looking gunman whose appearance in the opening firing his gun is framed and directed to look just like Emiya Kiritsugu, another anime that Ei Aoki previously directed. And just to further the parallel, he's also a father, a pragmatic killer, and uses special bullets to defeat magic. His world is said to be a gritty cyberpunk crime drama like Psycho-Pass or Ghost in the Shell.
  • Blitz's handgun closely resembles that of Russian RSh-12 anti-materiel revolver.