A young girl who is the protagonist of the magical girl anime series Magical Slayer Mamika (マジカルスレイヤー・まみか Majikaru Sureiyā Mamika?). She fights day and night to prevent the power of smiles from falling into Akumarin's hands.




She has a kind and caring, yet childish and naive nature, and supports Altair's plan to force their creators to alter their worlds. However, she does not hesitate to fight those who don't agree with her. She also forgets names really easily, like Selesia's and Metora's names. She can fly and use magical attacks.


Mamika Kiameki first appears in episode 2 getting attention of children around her. Mamika then sees Selesia and Meteora and tries to convince them to join Military Uniform Princess to help her get the creators to change their worlds. When Selesia and Metora refuse, Mamika transforms into her magical girl form and throws Selesia out of the window and continues to attack her as they are flying. Mamika manages to knock Selesia to the ground with her "Magical Splash" attack. Mamika then looks around to see the damage that has been done to the city, and turns around as Selesia gets up and asks her if she is okay, only for Selesia to respond that it hurts. Mamika was surprised, because usually in her world her attacks do not cause any damage for the people she hit to shed blood. Mamika attacks Selesia with a held back "Magical Splash Flare" attack, only for it to be blocked by Yuya Mirokuji.

In episode 3 Yuya is about to attack Mamika, but then is saved by Alicetalia February, and the two of them escaped. Mamika then watches Military Uniform Princess from a distance in the last scene of the episode.

At the start of episode 4 Mamika and Alicetalia are flying together on Alicetalia's pegasus, and the two of them return to their hideout with Blitz Tokar and Military Uniform Princess, where Mamika watches from a distance Alicetalia, Blitz and Military Uniform Princess interrogate Alicetalia's creator. Mamika then prepares food for Alicetalia.

In episode 6 Mamika and Alicetalia continue to spend time together, but they later had to track down Magane Chikujoin, but then a fight broke out between Alicetalia and Blitz against Selesia and Meteora. When Blitz knocks Meteora to the ground, Mamika tries to protect her.

In episode 7 Mamika turns against Alicetalia and Blitz and leaves as the fight concluded when Rui Kanoya arrives in Gigas Makina. Mamika later meets with Sōta Mizushino.

In episode 8 Mamika returns to Alicetalia and the two of them have a talk with each other. Mamika then goes to talk to Military Uniform Princess, who impales Mamika with a sword through her back, and Mamika uses her magic to destroy their hideout.

In episode 9 Mamika files through the city before falling and being found by Magane Chikujoin, and shortly later Alicetalia arrives and holds Mamika in her hands before she dies.

Powers and Abilities

Magical Ribbon Spells

  • Magical Dolce Patissiere: By using a ribbon Mamika has she can turn the ribbon into a wand which she uses to transform into her 'Magical Slayer Mamika' form.
  • Magical Splash: Using her wand Mamika forms a spell circle with heart shapes around the outside plus wings and inside the circle is a small heart shape in a larger heart shape with four wings in the corners of the outline of the heart. This attack was able to throw Selesia to the ground and do a lot of damage to her.
  • Magical Splash Flare: Pretty much the same attack as Magical Splash but in this version the heart opens up then closes right before contact and on contact creates a huge explosion rather than just smashing into the opponent and throwing them back. Supposedly this is her ultimate attack. It is later revealed she intentionally held back using this attack, afraid of the harm it would do to others.
  • Shining Shower: Mamika releases a barrage of hearts from her wand to attack the opponent with.


Mamika has the ability of flight.



  • Her appearance resemble that of Madoka Kaname from the manga Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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