This Water is Coldest at the Bottom So, why don't we have ourselves a guys' night out? (Doko Yori Mo Tsumetai Kono Mizu no Soko どこよりも冷たいこの水の底 So, why don't we have ourselves a guys' night out??) is the fifth episode of the Re:Creators anime series. It aired on May 6, 2017.

Short Summary

As the others go to Masaaki's house to hear about his encounter with Rui, they are suddenly surrounded by soldiers from the Special Defense Force. Agreeing to come quietly, the group are brought to the recently created Special Situations Countermeasures Council, where General Coordination Officer Kikuchihara explains how they have been observing the situation regarding the creations that have appeared. As the two groups exchange information with each other, Meteora manages to gain the cooperation of the Countermeasures Council, agreeing to work together to keep the creations under control and prevent the destruction of their worlds. Upon returning home, Sōta recalls a girl named Setsuna Shimazaki, which leads him to recognize the Military Uniform Princess as Setsuna's original character, Altair.