Everything I Can Do I CHOSE this way of life.</small> (Watashi ni Dekiru Subete no Koto わたしにできるすべてのこと I CHOSE this way of life.?) is the eighth episode of the Re:Creators anime series. It aired on May 27, 2017.

Short Summary

From the illustration found by Masaaki, the others learn about Altair and Setsuna. They are also joined by Shunma Suruga, the author of Code・Babylon, and Ryo Yatoji, the author of Exclusive Underground: Dark Night. Next day, Sōta meets with Meteora and tells her about a person who once hurt his friend's feelings out of jealousy. When he asks her what that person should have done, Meteora states that that person should have accepted his feelings and used them to become a better person. Afterwards, Sōta is confronted by Magane, whom, having overheard his conversation with Meteora, correctly deduces that he was the person who hurt his friend's feelings and that the friend is dead. She then uses this information to blackmail him into becoming her ally. Mamika confronts Altair about her intentions and they talk about their opposing ideologies. However, when Mamika mentions Setsuna, Altair snaps and impales her with several swords. Mamika then causes a huge explosion that destroys the building they are in and its surroundings.