The Blooming Maiden Digs a Hole This world requires choice and resolution. (Hanasaku Otome yo Ana o Hore 花咲く乙女よ穴を掘れ This world requires choice and resolution.?) is the ninth episode of the Re:Creators anime series. It aired on June 3, 2017.

Short Summary

Badly wounded, Mamika tries to reach Alicetaria to warn her about Altair. However, she is found by Magane and is forced to tell her instead. Alicetelia then arrives just as Mamika passes away. Magane tells Alicetelia what happened, but shifts the blame onto Meteora, causing Alicetaria to start hunting her down. Magane calls Sōta and tries to convince him that Meteora is in league with Altair and that he must tell Selesia, but he sees through her lies. Megane then reveals that Mamika was killed by Altair, causing Sōta to blame himself, since he told her about Altair. Magane continues to belittle Sōta when she is interrupted by the arrival of Yūya and they begin fighting. Sōta is then confronted by Meteora, causing him to breakdown and reveal that he knew Setsuna and he drove her to her death. Yūya continues to fight Magane with Meteora joining in, when they are interrupted by the arrival of Alicetelia.