Freeze, Die, Come to Life! (Ugoku na, Shine, Yomigaere! 動くな、死ね、甦れ!?) is the tenth episode of the Re:Creators anime series.

Short Summary

Alicetaria fights Meteora while Magane fights Yūya. During their battle, Magane manages to gain control of Yūya's spirit, Hangaku. Meanwhile, Meteora is overwhelmed by Alicetaria. Sōta tries to stop her by telling her how much he loves her story, but this doesn't persuade her. Selesia then arrives with Takashi, Masaaki and the military and fights Alicetaria. However, Altair then appears with Blitz and interferes by destroying Selesia's sword, causing her to be fatally wounded. Altair then orders Blitz to kill Selesia, but Yūya intervenes and fights Blitz. Rui tries to attack Altair, but is stopped when she makes a copy of his Gigas Machina. Takashi, in a desperate attempt to save Selesia, uploads the illustration of her using flame magic onto the internet. Due to the many likes it receives, the real Selesia also gets the ability to use flame magic. She then unleashes a huge flame attack, causing Altair, Alicetaria and Blitz to retreat. Afterwards, Selesia's new power fades, returning her to her previous wounded state.