The Wonderful Voyage I will remember everything that happened to me (Nokishita no Monsutā 軒下のモンスター We cannot decide where we go but you can.?) is the eleventh episode of the Re:Creators anime series.

Short Summary

As Selesia and Meteora recover, Sōta still feels himself responsible for what happened, when Rui appears and takes him for a ride on Gigas Makina to cheer him up. After returning to the others, Sōta reveals that he knew Altair's late creator, Setsuna Shimazaki and blames himself for her death. He then tells them the story of how they met through an image board and became close friends since then. Some time later, Setsuna was chosen to work with a famous producer, much to Sōta's dismay, as he feels that he will never be so talented as her, and starts to avoid her. However, when Setsuna ends up falsely accused of plagiarism, Sōta refrained from helping her, not only out of fear that he could make things worse, but because somehow deep inside him, he felt himself satisfied with her predicament.