Too Early for End Roll Be desperate and draw something fascinating.(Endorōru ni wa hayasugiru エンドロールには早すぎる Be desperate and draw something fascinating.) is the twelfth episode of the Re:Creators anime series. It aired on June 24th, 2017.

Short Summary

After she was accused of plagiarism, Setsuna texted Sōta, asking what she should do. However, Sōta didn't know either and simply replied that she shouldn't ask him. After a long time, Sōta discovers Setsuna had send him a message containing the video Altair originated from and thanking him for being her friend. Later, Sōta is contacted by Setsuna's mother who told him Setsuna committed suicide. Afterwards, Sōta deleted everything related to Setsuna and tried to forget about her. Meteora asks Sōta if he is ready to face responsibility for his actions, which he does and revolves to stop Altair. Meanwhile, Alicetaria, remembering how much Sōta loved her story, decides to set her creator free, making peace with him in the process. Having learned that Altair will return her to her own world if she overuses her abilities, the creators plan to make a world to imprison her. Meanwhile, Altair and Blitz continue with their plan and she introduces him to their new comrade, Charon, Selesia's partner and the male lead of Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier.