The Rain's Rhythm Shoots Down on the World's Roof I mean, I'm the CREATOR.('Sekai no Yane o Utsu Ame no Rizumu" (世界の屋根を撃つ雨のリズム I mean, I'm the CREATOR.) ) is the seventeenth episode of the Re:Creators anime series. It aired on August 12th,2017.

Short Summary

Border World Colliseum begins and thousands of fans begin watching it. Altair's group confronts Sōta's and fighting ensues; Selesia fights Altair while Alicetelia holds off Rui and Shō confronts Yūya. Meanwhile, Sōta is confronted by Magane while watching the fight from Nissan Stadium. Altair easily blocks all of Selesia's attacks and reveals that she is fully aware of their plan, but choses to plays along because she needs to keep the audience satisfied. Back at Nissan Stadium, Blitz confronts his creator, Shunma, about why she killed his daughter, Erina, in his story. The two talks about their ideologies, but they are unable to see eye-to-eye and Blitz prepares to kill her. However, before he can do so, the military intervenes. It is then revealed that Shunma resurrected Erina and is using her a hostage to force Blitz to betray Altair.