Before the Reverberation Disappears Somebody receives the power of creation, and the spirit is redeveloped from their passion(Zankyō ga Kieru Sono Zen ni" (残響が消えるその前に Somebody receives the power of creation, and the spirit is redeveloped from their passion.)) is the twentieth episode of the Re:Creators anime series. It aired on September 2nd, 2017.

Short Summary

Following Selesia's  death, Rui's "Gigas Machina" runs out of power while Altair simply laughs. Enraged by this, Hikayu  charges at her, only for Altair to take away her abilities. This causes Meteora to realize that Altair has gained the audience's acceptance, removing the limitations on her abilities. In response to this, the creators use their secret weapon, Sirius; a creation with the same powers as Altair, based on the final design made by Setsuna. Knowing they cannot defeat her, the creators have Sirius use her abilities to absorb Altair into herself. With Altair seemingly defeated everyone breaths of sigh of relief, until Sirius empales Yūya with several swords. It is then revealed that, because Sirius didn't have a personality, Altair was able to take control of her body. She then proceeds to easily defeat Shō , leaving only Blitz to fight her as the real world begins to collapse. In response, Sōta proposes to the Creators that they use the Creation he made. Meteora tries to bring Sōta 's creation of the real world and, because Magane  used her ability to make the audience accept it, it works. The creations are then transported to a train station where they are confronted by Setsuna, much to Altair's shock.