People who save the world exist because there are worlds that must be saved. Who's going to make those words, Sōta?

Rui Kanoya, "The Monster Under the Eaves"

Rui Kanoya is the protagonist of the mecha anime Infinite Divine Machine Mono Magia (無限神機モノマギア Mugen Jinki Mono mMgia). He pilots the giant robot "Gigas Makina" used to fight against the lone who have invaded his home. He lives in the virtual city of Energia Ichihara in the year 2124.


Rui thinks Yuya Mirokuji is really cool and looks up to him. Rui has a nice personality but a bad temper and if he gets mad he won't stop. He hates that hes always fighting and never given a break and just wishes he could go on a date with his friend from back home Yuina. Rui also like little girls (specifically younger women).


Rui first appeared in episode 4, when he was was summoned by Altair to the human world though a television. Selesia Yupitiria, Meteora Österreich, Sōta Mizushino, Takashi Matsubara, and Marine meet with him. Rui asks where where he is, and if he is still in Japan, but in the past. Rui and his new friends are attacked by the army, but he summons Gigas Makina and lifts the house that they were in. Rui later attended the meeting with the other creations and their creators. After the meeting all of them went home on the subway.

Rui appears later in episode 7 with Gigas Makina, forcing Blitz Tokar, Alicetelia February and Mamika Kirameki to retreat. Rui then returns with Selesia, Meteora, and Yuya Mirokuji to the FBI office where Aki Kikuchihara is there supervising them. At the end of the episode Rui is briefed on Military Uniform Princess with the other creations, and at the start of episode 8, Rui gets a chance to meet with Yuya's creator Yatouji Ryou.

Powers and Abilities

Rui is very skilled in combat being able to easily disarm 2 army men with rifles.

Gigas Makina

Rui has a huge robot that he can control that is called Gigas Makina. Rui has the ability to turn on and control the robot even when away from it.


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