Shou Hakua (白亜翔 Hakua Shō) is the main protagonist of Exclusive Underground -Dark Night-(閉鎖区 Underground -Dark Night-/Heisaku Underground -Dark Night-) action manga. He was once Yūya's best friend and served under him as a member of a military outpost, until Yūya killed their mutual friend along with his younger sister and deserted the team. Seeking revenge on Yūya, he followed him to the fictional "Adachi Ward" to kill him. He fights using a retractable three-section staff and can summon a spirit called an "Astra Double" named "Bayard", which can fight by his side and materialize itself from reflections. Upon arriving in the real world, he allies himself with Altair simply because she is Yūya's enemy.

Powers and Abilities

Expert Staff user


3 Section Staff - Shou wields a 3 sectioned staff that can be combined into a bo.


Shou can summon his own 'Companion' just like Yuya. Shou's companion's name is Astra Double called Bayard which was named by a old friend of his who happened to be a fortune teller.