The soundtrack album of the series released on June 14th, 2017. All music is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano.

Re:CREATORS Original Soundtrack - CD1

# Track Name Soundtrack Notes
01 God of ink N/A
02 rE:CRe@T0RS N/A
03 Re:3$penS N/A Read as Re:Suspense.
04 4GL4yu8RE:E N/A Read as Vogelchevalier
05 Hey39-udn N/A Read as Heisaku Underground -Dark Night-
06 RE:3343 N/A Read as Samishimi(寂しみ, lit. Loneliness)
08 2109-a8Ru件 N/A Read as Tsuioku no Avaruken (Avaruken of Reminisce).
09 AL:Lu N/A Read as Arutairu (Altair).
10 高度8b6n N/A Read as Code Babylon.
11 8sawOGRE6 N/A Read as Yasōkiroku (Record of the Night Window Demon).
12 Layers N/A
13 re:pianohi1tars N/A
14 ∞GodMachine N/A Read as Infinite God Machine (無限神機).
15 ABYSSwaltz N/A
16 Pf:Creators N/A Pf refers to piano.
17 音:9RE:eita-zu N/A

音 means notes, which refers to the repetitive use of the solfège "Re" in this score.

9RE:eita-zu can be read as "Creators". 


Re:CREATORS Original Soundtrack - CD2

# Track Name Soundtrack Notes
01 E:verydaytor1 N/A
02 Pf:CreatorsII N/A
03 E:verydaytor2 N/A
04 Pf:CreatorsIII N/A
05 SawElephant4ゅ N/A Read as Sōzōshu (創造主, lit. Creators)
06 Pf:CreatorsIV N/A
07 E:verydaytor3 N/A
08 Pf:CreatorsV N/A
09 God々-ground2SAY310 N/A 神々の地に制裁を ( "Punishment to the land of the gods", said by Altair in episode 1)
10 Pf:CreatorsVI N/A
11 E:verydaytor4 N/A
12 ○DA-world2HEN火90 N/A オーダーの世界に変革を("Revolution to your world", said by Altair in episode 1)
13 God of ink <RE:Instrumental> N/A
14 HERE I AM <RE:Instrumental> N/A
15 Layers <RE:Instrumental> N/A
16 BRAVE THE OCEAN <RE:Instrumental> N/A