Yatouji Ryou, real name Ryōsuke Gōda, is the creator of Lockout Ward Underground -Dark Night- (閉鎖区underground-dark night- Heisaku Underground - dark night -).


In the past, Matsubara had met Yatouji Ryou at Kogakusha's party, though Yatouji did not remember the encounter.

Yatouji first appears in episode 8 where he was brought, along with Shunma Suruga, a.k.a Chika Ohsawa, where the two were initially unable to understand the situation; in Yatouji's case, he believes that the police were simply giving him nonsense. When meeting Yuya Mirokuji, Yatouji had mistaken Yuya to be a fan that was cosplaying as Yuya Mirokuji. After when Yuya summoned Hangaku, Yatouji had a better understanding of the situation. Yatouji was apparently forced to answer Yuya's questions.


Yuya Mirokuji - Yuya, while not angry at his creator, wanted to meet his creator and ask him some questions, especially in regards to who had framed Yuya for murder. When Yuya meets Yatouji, Yuya expresses his disappointment and states that Selesia's god is a "million times better" than Yatouji.